Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: The Dare (Short Story)

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Erotica M/F/M
Author: Jordyn McKenzie
Format: eBook
Blurb: “Don’t think. Just feel.” How a moment’s decision in a silly game with two of her closest friends changes Alexis’ life, and her heart, forever.

It’s the final night of a weekend camping trip with a group of childhood friends. They are recent college grads, about to move forward to the next stages of their lives. It’s a time for reflection, a time for anticipating what the future will bring. What better way to end that chapter of youth and revelry, before scattering into the winds of adulthood, than with one last weekend spent with your closest friends?
But for Alexis, the events of that final evening cause her world to veer in an unexpected direction. What should have been a harmless game of Truth or Dare with her seemingly platonic pals, Damien and Parker, leads to an experience unlike any she has ever had before. The lines of friendship blurred and dormant desires awakened, Alexis faces a dare that will change her life forever. Torn between feeling shame and utter gratification, she must now decide whether to be led by her conscience or her heart.
Before I start the review, I just have to say that Jordyn McKenzie is freaking fabulous. You much stalk her and see what I mean.

Okay, now to the gush: The Dare was HOT HOT HOT! Holy moly...I'm still freaking out from how much hotness can be packed into 39 pages. *fans self* Literally no break from the lovin' my friends!

I friggin puffy heart Alexis, our female protagonist. She's like hot-sauce-in-a-bull's-eye trouble with some sexy to boot. Shoot. :) My favorite Alexis-moment is when she actually punches this skank-muffin for running her mouth instead of debating internally until the moment was gone. High five Ms. McKenzie...high five.

Damian and Parker are two sides of the perfect coin. You have some sweet and tender with Damian and just pure sexual God with Parker. Button-up shirts and tattoos. Yum! More than that though, they communicate with Alexis and make her feel safe.

I still cannot believe how much world-building, background and character development were involved with this short-story. I really had a feel for each one of the characters and their role in Alexis' life. Even her garbage boyfriend, who was only present for 2 pages, was well developed and easily despised.

If you're in the mood for a quick, super sexy, and well-written read, you MUST buy The Dare.

I don't want to ruin any of the story for you but if you'd like to read a thigh-tightening exclusive excerpt, head on over to Fiction Vixen Book Reviews and check it out! Make sure to leave some love and tell her I sent you. :)


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