Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wahoo! Wednesday: Presents and Puppies

Guess flipping what?!

I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING!!! Holy moly friends...I can't believe it. I enter giveaways all the time, but I NEVER win and I finally did! YAYZ! A huge thank you to Celise Winters from Incandescent Enchantments for sending me these beauties:

I entered Celise's One Year Blogaversary Giveaway in hopes of winning 5 paperback YA novels. What I didn't realize when I entered was that they are ALL signed! Say what?! I was so excited and all of these reads look amazing (check out their links at the end of this post).

And underneath those gorgeous gifts - signed swag galore! This was so kind of Celise and I am extremely grateful for such an awesome giveaway and the extra tidbits she passed my way. If you haven't already, check out her little spot on the internet: Incandescent Enchantments.

Now, on to the puppies! You know you wanna see 'em! ;)

While scanning through some craigslist adds, my mom came across *this* cutie and she just HAD to have her. Meet Georgia:

Don't you just wanna squeeze her?! She is a yellow lab and golden retriever mix and holy moly I think she is just perfect! She is only 6 weeks old so she isn't home yet, but when she is I'll be sure to have mom share loads of new pupster pics!

More puppies:
My dogs are obsessed with clothing. I will video Maddox flipping out when we put his costume away on Halloween this year so you guys can understand how crazy it is. If he even sees the room we go into (with the costume), he will SLEEP in front of the door until we open it and he can have his costume back. 

So, after a busy Saturday, I came home from grocery shopping and saw:

...he's a rooster. A friggin ROOSTER! And he was just sitting there staring at me...and I swear he typed that, not me. Bella was dressed up too but I couldn't get her to hold still - she was too excited. *sigh* I love my children.

So thank you for joining me through another Wahoo! Wednesday post! And <again> don't forget to enter my 100 Follower Giveaway! We are almost 1/2 way to 200 so keep sharing so hubby will let me add a THIRD winner! :))) *knuckles*

And here's a little rhyme-ski for you: You guys ROCK! You rock my SOCKS! You are the tick (tick) to my TOCK! I like to COOK! I don't own a NOOK! And I read almost any type of BOOK!
...<3 If you'd like to add to the rhyme-ski, please comment below. :)

Puffy Hearts and xo's,
Jenna Lynne

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  1. Congratulations on winning the giveaway! Eeeeeek that is the cutest little puppy ever :) My Cousin just got a jackahuahua and we ended up dressing her in a little coat and talking her for a walk around the town. Mucho Cuteness

    1. haha! Too sweet! Thank you for the congratulations and your cousin's puppy sounds precious! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, the puppies. The cute!! :)

    1. Thanks lady! :) They are certainly a handful. :)