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ARC Review: Beneath a Rising Moon (Ripple Cree Werewolf, Book 1)

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Mystery
Author: Keri Arthur
Series: Ripple Creek Werewolf
Publication Date: June 5, 2003 (rerelease: July 31, 2012)
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BlurbThere’s no turning back for Neva Grant. To find a killer, she must seduce the boldest male in the Sinclair pack. Her twin sister lies in a hospital bed, fighting for her life, the fourth and only surviving victim of a vicious attacker. The werewolf rangers suspect the Sinclair pack, and the only way Neva can infiltrate their close-knit ranks is to unleash the wildness within and offer herself to Duncan Sinclair.

Duncan’s appetite for women is legendary on the reservation. But when this new woman stirs his hunger, he finds his desire for her goes deeper than anything he’s ever felt before. When he realizes that she’s playing a game and he’s taken the bait, he is determined to push her to the breaking point. As Duncan and Neva engage in a dangerous dance, they must somehow find a way to join forces—before a cornered killer bites back.

This was a book that I read until the morning light began streaming through my window. I'm a HUGE fan of Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen series and as soon as I saw this book available on NetGalley, I just had to get my hands on it! I knew that Keri wrote several books before Full Moon Rising however after reading the first installment in her Myth and Magic series, I was left rather disappointed. That being said, I couldn't have been more excited and pleased with this sensual and mysterious addition to my Keri Arthur collection.

*(Very Minor) Spoilers*

Beneath a Rising Moon is a delicious tale of a sister seeking revenge by stepping outside of her carefully controlled life and into the pits of a life altering desire. Neva has seldom given into her desires as a young wolf, being reared in a home that prides itself on commitment and control, but that doesn't mean she hasn't wanted to. Heading into the midst of the moon dance and opening herself to her wolf, she plans to seduce Duncan Sinclair, the rebel badboy and only wolf not under suspicion for murdering several of the Sinclair pack's moon mates.

Duncan Sinclair had thought to leave this life behind 10 years ago, but with murders littering the Sinclair grounds and his family under severe scrutiny from the Rangers (werewolf police force) he has returned to uncover who is behind these acts and will do anything to protect his pack. Being seduced during the moon phase wasn't in his plan but he plans to make use of the lovely little wolf intent on spying on the Sinclair family - and enjoy every minute of it.

I connected with Neva right away, her determination and overwhelming strength in her belief that she would do anything to find who put her twin sister in a coma gave her an almost immediate like-ability. Although most definitely not a detective, Neva uses her instincts to guide her as safely as possible through the forbidden Sinclair mansion, picking the safest member she could to give her an excuse to navigate the forbidden parties and incorrigible Sinclair pack. But Duncan quickly discovers that Neva is there for more than just the moon party and begins breaking this new wolf to find out what she knows about the murderer.

Both characters were easy to like and even when Duncan was being an ass-hat I still understood why (and enjoyed his sexy torture!). The development of the storyline was very well done, I never felt lost and always understood why something was happening.

The only reason why this book isn't a 5 Star read was because of the resolution to the mystery. I am not going to give anything away, I just wasn't quite satisfied. That and a couple of repeat sections that seemed a little copy-and-pasted to me.

That being said, you should most definitely buy this beauty - and the next one too while your at it! ;) I can't wait to read Beneath a Darkening Moon and learn more about Neva's twin sister Savannah and her love affairs. So much about Savannah was presented in this book and left unresolved so I am looking forward to uncovering Savannah's past and *maybe* getting a cameo from Neva and Duncan...please?! :) 

Overall, Keri Arthur builds a beautiful world spun with betrayal, trust, pack and growth, encouraging readers to be swept up with emotion and unable to detangle themselves from the painful mystery of love, loss, and forgiveness.

**This book was provided to me via NetGalley by Random House Publishing Group in return for an honest review.**


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