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Character Interview & Giveaway: Wellesley Wives

Genre: Chick-Lit
Author: Suzy Duffy Website :: Twitter :: Facebook :: Goodreads
Release Date: September 27, 2012
BlurbPopsy Power - a Boston society-wife and her best friend, Sandra seem to have it all with billionaire husbands and beautiful daughters. But things change.

From Bollinger to basic-wage, it's a roller coaster for the ladies who lunch. When the daughters land in a heap of trouble too, it's hardly surprising that their mother should worry about the next generation of Wellesley Wives.

Life can't always be fun in the sun, but that's why there's fur!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful world of the Wellesley Wives.

BtB: I am so pleased to welcome Popsy Power, the main character in Wellesley Wives, to Between the Bind. Thank you SO MUCH for joining me Popsy!

P: My pleasure! I'm so excited to be here.

BtB: Popsy, I’d like to ask you a few questions but I also respect the fact that some of our readers may not have read your story yet, so we’ll try not to drop any plot spoiling bombs. That being said, here we go! Firstly, after having been through so much, what would you say has been the biggest lesson learned?

P: Avoid complacency.  I don’t blame myself but I was totally wrapped up in my own wonderful world. The reason I don’t feel guilty is because everybody does it. It’s human. We all think our life is the ‘big picture,’ and that’s not the case.  Life is so fragile and can change on a dime.  None of us think about it until it happens and by then it’s too late.

BtB: Do you have any regrets?

P: For sure! Oh, my, the things I would change but looking back is futile. Regrets are futile.   We all make mistakes. Peter used to say, “If you don’t make any mistakes, you’re not taking enough risks.” Um, I think he may have been quoting somebody else there so don’t sue me! Anyway, whoever said it – it’s my new motto. I’ve started taking more risks and most of them have paid off.  If something goes wrong – I learn from it and move on.  Sandra keeps me looking forward. She’s much more adventurous than me. She’s a good influence.

BtB: Speaking of adventurous, what would you say to young women who might find themselves in situations similar to Rosie?

P: What? Taking up golf? Hey, if it’s right for you, I say go for it!  That said, I’ve never been that sporty. If your husband or boyfriend wants to do something and you don’t, stand your ground.  Never go against your conscience. It’s who you are.

BtB: What about women who find themselves in Lily's situation?

P: She was a very silly girl. She knows that now, but sometimes it’s hard to think straight when you’re in that situation. They say the biggest sexual organ in a woman is her mind and we let men in there so easily! Men can be sweet talkers and we women are such bloody romantics - to our own detriment.  If you’re really in a difficult spot, confide in a friend you trust. They’ll usually keep you on the right path. 

BtB: Do you think getting away was a good idea?

P: The best.  If all hell is breaking loose around you. Move. The grass may not be greener on the other side but at least it’s not your lawn to worry about!

BtB: Where is Sandra now?

P: I don’t want to ruin the story but let’s say she’s in a much better place. Alive, healthy and perfecting her German!

BtB: How fo you move on?

P: You choose to.  You have to fight to be happy when life gets hard. This was news to me. Now I understand that bad stuff happens to everybody at some time or another. Get over it.  Get busy, working, helping others. I have Mrs. Miller to thank for that and Shane.  You never know where your next blessing will come from, so keep your mind and heart open – always.

BtB: You have ENORMOUS energy. I don't think you read this way in Wellesley Wives...what gives?

P: You saw me at my lowest point. I was very fragile and lost back then. Thank God for my best friend, Sandra.  She was there for me when I needed her and vice versa. However, only by going that low do I now understand how strong I really am.

BtB: Ha! Is that the Power of Popsy Power?

P: I think every woman has it without even knowing it’s there. It’s the power of the thousand generations of women that came before you – your mother, her mother and so it goes back. Remember that Power because it’s within you.

BtB: Wow, you're a changed woman aren't you?

P: Yes, but I still love Mojitos!

BtB: How is your own romantic life?

P: What were you saying about plot spoilers?? A lady doesn’t kiss and tell you know!  Okay - what I can say is, life is good. It might be constantly changing but now I grab every opportunity I can for happiness and enjoy the ride.  Did I tell you I’ve taken up skydiving? 

BtB: Thank you so much for stopping by and answering some of my questions. Wellesley Wives is available now and is definitely an entertaining and lively read. I'm so pleased that I've added it to my book shelf. 


Jenna Lynne

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  1. Looking forward to reading this book. It looks great!

    1. I'm really looking forward to it to! :) Great stuff!