Friday, March 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: Need

When I saw the cover for Want by Stephanie Lawton, I simply fell in love, so when I saw that Ms. Lawton was doing a cover release of the adult follow up to Want, Need, I knew I needed to be involved. Being that these two covers are similar to each other, I wanted to share them both with you all so you can see the complete vision. Check it out!

Beautiful, right?! I just love that almost looks skeletal in a way with the shadow on the nose.  Plus, red heads are hottt! I especially love the music notes in the background. Just well thought out and beautifully melded together.

And now, for the cover reveal of Need by Stephanie Lawton:

I know. Amazing right?! Quit drooling on your keyboards people...well, unless they're water proof, then drool away! I can't help but want to be the chick grabbing that tie, let me tell you what! Also, I love the way these covers look together. Lawton and her designer, Najla Qamber, did a great job with the theme and maintaining visual similarities between these two covers. 


Summary:: Isaac Laroche is cursed. All he wants to do is hide out and feel sorry for himself. Never mind that he got caught sleeping with his seventeen-year-old piano student, or that he abandoned her when the truth was exposed. 

Isaac’s feisty high school sweetheart has different plans. Heather Swann has returned to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama, to regroup after breaking up with her troll of a fiancĂ©. She’s restless and looking for a diversion, but she bites off more than she can chew when she sets her sights on rehabilitating Isaac with her unorthodox sexual, mental, and physical plans. 

The two quickly reconnect, but their happiness is threatened by family secrets, old vendettas and the death of a beloved father-figure. 

Can Heather handle Isaac’s baggage, or will her own come back to haunt them both?

What do you think?

About the Author:

After collecting a couple English degrees in the Midwest, Stephanie Lawton suddenly awoke in the deepest reaches of the Deep South. Culture shock inspired her to write about Mobile, Alabama, her adopted city, and all the ways Southern culture, history and attitudes seduce the unsuspecting.

A lover of all things gothic, she can often be spotted photographing old cemeteries, historic buildings and, ironically, the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. She also has a tendency to psychoanalyze people, which comes in handy when creating character profiles.


  1. Haha! Great analysis! Thanks for helping spread the word :)

  2. Love these covers! So beautifully done and I love when books in a series are so obviously recognizable as part of that series. Did that make sense?? :P