Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cover Reveal: Just One Cup

And here we have another cover reveal! This is my first introduction to Ms. Cassandra Giovanni and I'm looking forward to reading some of her previous releases as well as this novel, Just One Cup. Here is the summary: 

Emma Walker was a writer who'd lost herself to someone else's anger--who had given up on ever feeling like herself again. 

Evan Levesque was a rock-god--the one all the woman wanted, but he'd never gotten used to the loneliness between the stage and real life. 

With just one cup of coffee they'll begin a journey of self-discovery at each others sides, but can Emma handle Evan's fame while dealing with her own demons? Emma's checkered personal past, a bad relationship that haunts the edges of her memories, threatens to make everything implode on them when Evan takes matters into his own hands. 

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they'll destroy my soul--Can Emma handle being put back together and facing who she's become because of it?

Ohhh, do I love me some rock-god meets broken chick. Mmhmm! I haven't really been interested in music-based books because I am a musician and it's hard to not be overly judgmental of the characters, but this book seems to have more depth than the run-of-the-mill rockstar-likes-average-girl-who-doesn't-think-she's-good-enough theme.

This cover seems pretty self-explanatory. My favorite surprise? The treble clef and staff behind CG's name. Too cute! And man, I love me a guy with some tattoos! I think that the model for this doesn't quite look "rockgod-y" (yes, I just used that as an adjective) however, I'm hopeful that after reading the novel, he'll will remain in my mind this emo-rocker type of guy. So, what do you lovelies think?


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