Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Black Swan, Book 6)

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Victoria Danann
Series: Knights of Black Swan Book 6
Publication Date: January 6, 2014


Love is the exception to every rule. 

Duff Torquil is heir to Scotia, the kingdom of Fae, who have been at war with the Elves for two thousand years. Fae and Elves are both species who have evolved to respond to one fated lover with whom they will mate for life. Duff Torquil’s predestined mate is perfect for him in every way: beautiful, smart, polished, strong willed and a talented psychic who works for The Order of the Black Swan. 

The only problem is that she’s Aelsong Hawking, the only daughter of the royal house of Elves.

AHHH! I have been waiting and waiting for Song and Duff's novel and now, I can wait no longer!

If you haven't read the first 5 novels in the Black Swan series, please do. Ms. Danann is a compelling writing that keeps the reader engaged from the first to the last page. She builds believable yet fantastical worlds, relationships worthy of envy with beautiful editing that makes the read smooth and distraction free. Now on to a bit about A Tale of Two Kingdoms.

The Fae and Elves have been sworn enemies since either race can remember. Although finally living in a bearable semblance of "peace," war is always on the horizon - as it was in the past, could become so in the present. Aelsong Hawking is the only princess to the elves court. She is beautiful, honest and a seer. Prince Duff is a handsome playboy prince, heir to the Fae throne. He knew upon seeing Song that he had to have her...but at what cost?

This novel is substantially shorter than the others in the series but Ms. Danann does not skimp on the details. Song and Duff share a relationship so taboo that only the love that their families feel for them can possibly save two great nations...but unfortunately, even that may not be enough.

A beautifully written, compelling addition to the series with cameo's from all of our favorite characters, A Tale of Two Kingdoms is one of my favorites in the Black Swan series, and I'm sure will be one of yours as well.

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