Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: The Promise (Fallen Star #4)

3.5 out of 5

My name is Gemma Lucas and my life's a mess. Alex is gone, my dad's trapped in his own mind, and my mom's working for the dark side. Not to mention Nicholas refuses to quit haunting me. The world has also entered apocalyptic mode. Everyday more vampires, witches, and fey run the streets. Innocent people are dying. The Mark of Malefiscus is showing up everywhere. And I'm the only one who can stop it. The only problem is I have to die in order to do so. And I have to let Alex die. Something I'm not sure I can do.

The Promise by Jessica Sorensen is the final installment in the Fallen Star series. This is a YA paranormal romance book that is much different than the rest on the market. I started reading The Falling Star (Fallen Star #1) when I wandered across it on sale for $0.99 on my Kindle. I love finding books that are reasonably priced and enjoyable!

Their are two main characters in this series - Gemma and Alex, along with several other meaty characters to bite into. It was a breezy read with sweet romance and a unique plot. Sorensen writes differently from the rest of the novels giving both Gemma and Alex's POV chapter by chapter and she does so gracefully. I am not typically a fan of changing POV through a story, but in this case, it was exciting and necessary to understand the full scope of the events throughout the finale. If you'd like to read a more in depth review of this book, please continue reading after the page break.

I really enjoyed this series - as you've read above, but this book fell a little short for me. I enjoyed Sorensen's ideas and writing style but it definitely lacked some depth. There were some moments when I was really intrigued and couldn't wait to get to the next moment - and then an abrupt stop or lack of clarity to a situation that I think should've been more developed. I also think that the feelings portrayed by both Alex and Gemma weren't able to be delved into because of the POV changes. Although I think they were done very well, I couldn't really become immersed in either character but felt more like an outsider.

I loved how easy this book was to read and I think Sorensen ended the series well enough...there just could've been more. Maybe the editors got carried away with the delete button - I'm not sure, but for this book stand alone? 3.5 out of 5 stars. For the series? 4 out of 5 stars. If you can get this book for a great deal, you should buy it but I'm glad it's on my Kindle - not in my bookshelf.

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