Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Blood of Destiny (Witch Fairy #6)

Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Author: Bonnie Lamer
Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5
Series: Witch Fairy
What do you do when you make a stupid deal with a sleazy Angel in a moment of panic? Xandra is about to find out. But first, she has to tell Kallen what she did and he is not going to be happy about it, to say the least. In this sixth addition to the Witch Fairy series, Xandra finds out that just because they're all called Angels doesn't mean that they all act like Angels.

Oh how I love Bonnie Lamer and her Witch Fairy series. This is a YA paranormal romance read but is relatable to older audiences as well. Lamer surprises me with each and every book I've read thus far and Blood of Destiny isn't any different.

A brief background for those of you who haven't read or heard of this series: Xandra, a witch-fairy-angel who thinks she's a human, meets and falls in love with Kallen, a feisty, prudent, sexy fairy sent to keep Xandra alive. Oh and he falls in love with her too. :) They are constantly battling to keep Xandra and her loved ones safe from evil family members, giants, nymphs, mermaids, spirits and any other bizarre creature you can imagine. The creatures she meets are quite certainly not what you would expect from their fairytale origin, but instead have a creepy maturity to them that helps lead the story and keeps readers engaged.

Each book in this series is uniquely fresh. The reader is able to explore these unknown realms and powers with Xandra. Specifically, this last installment was written beautifully. I was captivated from page one through the final scene and can't WAIT until Witch Fairy #7. Release date please Ms. Lamer?!

If you'd like to learn more about Bonnie Lamer's Blood of Destiny, please continue reading after the page break.

This book starts off after Xandra makes a deal with an Angel...granting him two favors that she has to complete or she'll lose her wings. We aren't quite sure why Xandra is given these specific tasks to complete until they are revealed end of the book, but her journey is, as always, tornado-like in nature. Xandra also finally finds her familiar-form...which I will not ruin for you...but I literally laughed out loud during this scene to which my dogs woke up and gave me a bizarre sideways "huh?" stare.

The editing and connection of thoughts throughout this novel were potent and impressive. I never felt disjointed from the progress of the story or Xandra, which allowed me to become emotionally attached to her, even with her irritating whininess (it's endearing, trust me!). But that was the biggest downfall for me. Granted, X is only 17, but after all of the craziness she's been through, I just assumed that maturity would begin to shape some of her thoughts and reactions (and apparently, so did Kallen). I love that she is head strong, fiery, and rash, and don't want her to change too much, I just think that allowing her a little bit more maturity before she and Kallen get married is pretty essential. Also, each book seems to be getting shorter and shorter. I hope that the next one is a little longer and keeps me occupied for more than 3 hours. :) (approx. 198 pages).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think that you should read it - NOW! :) Or ar least start at the beginning of the series.

*Only available as an eBook.


  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review! I am grinning right now. :-)


    1. I'm so glad! Your entire series, not to mention this installment, has had me grinning, crying, laughing, and more! Can't wait to read your next!