Monday, May 7, 2012

No Kindle...Sad Panda

This is slightly rant-y in nature so I apologize ahead of time.

So, my beloved Kindle has been taken down by the technological Gods of Doom and Torment. And of course *gasp* it was TWO WEEKS out of its year warranty...*insert curse word of choice here*. I proceeded to talk to "Arthur", whom I could barely understand, for a little under 2 hours. He repeatedly put me on hold in order to verify "what he could do for me." When he finally returned the third time, his boss allowed him to send me a refurbished Kindle, older than my own, without 3g, with a 90 day warranty for free! Who would've thunk.

Then I asked if he could just subtract the price of said Kindle to a new one so I could pay the difference, to which I was asked to hold again *doo doo dododoooo*. 3 minutes later I received a return answer, "Thank you for patiently waiting. I'm sorry but we cannot offer you anything off of a new Kindle." To which I replied with an internal count to 10. I then asked if there was anyway to get a one year warranty added to the refurbished Kindle. So he said that wasn't possible but if the warranty was the problem maybe they COULD give me a deal on a new Kindle. After asking his boss again if he could do anything for me, they eventually offered me $15 off of the new Kindle. *sigh*

So I took the original offer and will receive my new old Kindle shortly.

The purpose of this post is that I had over 30 unread books just waiting to be delved into and over 200 in my archives which is why there aren't as many reviews the week - however I have received my Kindle and will be slowly finding my unread books and adding them to my used baby. That just sounds wrong...used baby. Anywho, until then, I'll be reading Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris. If you're interested in reading it with me, grab a copy! :)

I typed "technological Gods" on Google Image and the above was the first picture shown...bahaha!

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