Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: The World on Blood by Jonathan Nasaw

2 out of 5 Stars
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Author: Jonathan Nasaw
Rating: 2 Stars out of 5
This gripping thriller takes you into a world where innocent men and women alike are irresistibly corrupted, where newborn babies are kidnapped, and where blood is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
It takes you into a world stalked by dazzlingly handsome and elegant James Whistler, master seducer, who finds his perfect partner in exquisitely beautiful Lourdes Perez, a cohort who matches his appetite for erotic expression.
It takes you into a world shattered by the struggle between good and evil as Nick Santos, the one man who knows how darkly dangerous Whistler is, puts his life, and the lives of the woman he loves and the baby he has just fathered, on the edge of the abyss. And in a desperate race against time and a seemingly omnipotent adversary, Nick battles mortal peril that has never been closer - or more terrifying.

The World On Blood...oh how you have confused and frustrated me over the past two weeks. This was one of those books that I simply HAD to finish...but couldn't really bring myself to read more than a chapter at a time - until the last three chapters which I read rather rapidly.

This book was exhausting and infuriating while being well written with a great just didn't capture me.
TWOB was written from several point of views - that of the main character Nick Santos, his reverend, James Whistler, Lourdez Perez, and other more minor characters. Maybe this is what lost my interest.

I've enjoyed books from several perspectives before, but Nasaw didn't allow me to feel connected to any one of the characters. This was extremely frustrating, as I tried so hard to connect and feel attached to any-friggin-one.

The pregnancy situation was also bizarre and unrealistic. There is no freaking way I would look at an attractive addict and say "hmmm, great genes for a father." Really?! I mean, I love me some good crazy books with no realistic component however this book was meant to be based in our world - without any "real" paranormal elements. That being said, a lot of the novel didn't unfold organically.

And for those of you who haven't yet read the book - these "vampires" are more like glorified meth-addicts. I loved the idea behind the "realistic vampire." It was unique and fresh - but again missed the mark in a way that I can't exactly place my finger on. Maybe it was the baby blood thing? The lack of violence?

That being said, I adored the last three chapters and they alone made me want to read the next book - if only my library has it available. I finally felt a connection with some of the characters, even if I didn't understand a lot about them. And I am compelled to find out whether or not Nick's baby is a vampire...but I may just google it.

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