Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Destiny Kills (Myth and Magic Book 1)

Genre: Urban Fantasy; Paranormal Romance
Author: Keri Arthur
Rating: 2 Stars out of 5
Series: Myth and Magic
When Destiny McCree wakes up beside a dead man on an Oregon beach, she knows only this: she has to keep moving, keep searching, and keep one step ahead of the forces that have been pursuing her from the heart of Scotland to this isolated spot. Why? The death of her lover has left her alone, with little memory of her past. A glimmering serpent-shaped ring is the one clue she has—and a bargaining chip in a most dangerous game.

Enter Trae Wilson, a master thief with a sexy, knowing grin and a secret agenda of his own. Destiny and Trae both have powers far beyond the human—and both are running for their lives. Together they’re riding a tide of danger, magic, and lust…but with killers stalking their every move, they must use any means necessary, even each other, to survive—until the shocking secret of one woman’s destiny finally unravels.…

Okay, so after reading (and obsessing) over the Riley Jensen series, I basically had to get my hands on every Keri Arthur book available.

Unfortunately, this first book in the Myth and Magic series really fell short for me. The romance felt contrived, the action was "meh", the world and creatures were hardly explored, and most of all, there was a huge disconnect between the reader and characters.

My first red flag occurred after Destiny's memory returned. Her memory being gone wasn't a big deal and the return of it wasn't really that important either. Which seems odd really. After it returns, Des has a minor moment where she thinks it may have been better to never remember her past, but by the time that thought is made clear she seems over it and moving on to manipulating and out-thinking Trae. This left me not really caring about what her past held. If it's not important to her, it's not important to me.

Next, the romance between Des and Trae was anything but organic. Des was fighting the romance half heartedly, which was exhausting to read, while Trae had one foot out the door from day one. We didn't really even get to know Trae apart from his "sexy smile" and "how pretty those eyes were." *sigh* I mean I love a guy with pretty teeth and fierce eyes but really? That's it? *pout*

Ultimately, no matter how hard I tried, I had zero connection to both Destiny and Trae. Even the minor sex scene's were a bit snoozey (although they did get a bit better with time). Maybe Trae wasn't alpha/tortured/sexy/commanding enough for me? Or there wasn't enough honest sexual tension between Des and Trae? Could even be the missing character development mixed with unexplored history and a lack of clarity. Or a bit of everything.

Moving on to why this book has stars at all:

I did enjoy premise behind air- and sea-dragons, their history, their differences - I just truly hope this is explored much more vividly in the next book in the series.

I also enjoyed the crazy scientists, Loch elements, and the potential forward movement for the series.

And above all else, there were a few scenes when I caught a glimpse of the Keri Arthur I've grown to love.

I'm honestly hoping Destiny Kills was just a fluke and that Mercy Burns will restore my faith in this series as well as Ms. Arthur's writing prowess. Here's to hoping!

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