Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Call To Arms (War of the Fae Book 2)

5 out of 5 stars
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance
Author: Elle Casey
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5
Series: War of the Fae
Follow Jayne Sparks, the (still) potty-mouthed seventeen-year-old and newly changed elemental fae and her friends - an incubus, a daemon, a green elf, a water sprite and a pixie - as they struggle to find their places in the Light Fae community of the Green Forest and prepare for the upcoming battle against the Dark Fae.

Call To Arms was even BETTER than its predecessor, The ChangelingsI had no idea that my weekend would include reading all 4 of these books in succession - normally I prefer to get to bed before the sunrises. But holy pixie, Ms. Casey deftly writes with a passion, clarity, and humor that consumes the mind and engages readers of any age.

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*Some spoilers from previous book*

This book picks up directly where the last one left off- Tony having just made his decision to not become fae. Jayne misses him terribly, dealing with the loss of Tony's memory and what she feels is an insurmountable wall in their friendship.Through this, readers are able to see Jayne's vulnerability through more than her sarcasm, although don't worry,our Jayne is still our Jayne, lack of filter and all.

While Jayne is fighting what seems to be a losing battle to be Tony's BFF, she further develops her relationships with Spike, Chase, Becky and Finn - and even adds another sparkling character to her ever growing friend list  - Mr. Tim the pixie. Ohhh man, do I love me some Tim! He is such a welcome addition to Casey's mis-mosh of characters and adds even more dimension to an already versatile and intriguing cast. 

And then, there is Maggie the witch. Maggie's grouchy crazy-old-lady attitude made me uncomfortably happy...which may not make any sense until you read Call To Arms. Which you should...immediately!

Throughout the second installment of War of the Fae, we learn more about fae life and what kind of training is required for a Changeling. We also meet a sexy dark fae named Ben (yum!) who may be more than what he seems. This book had me laughing, yelling, crying, and everything in between. 

Thank you so much Ms. Casey for restoring my faith in intelligent, moving, hilarious YA paranormal reads. *hug* Now moving on to numero tres...