Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Hym and Hur

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: Phillip Frey
Rating: 3 Stars
BlurbHym and Hur are a young couple who never age and have been in love for more than a century. They also possess an array of magical abilities, two of which are either to play pranks on humankind or to perform good deeds. Enacting both at the same time is now what gets them into trouble, especially since it's the unruly character of Death they must deal with to bring their plans to fruition.

The prank Hym and Hur have come up with must first be agreed upon by Death, who happens to be a rambunctious, difficult character. Once agreed upon, the prank is set in motion. Hym and Hur soon discover Death had tricked them into a contract with dire consequences for all of us.

During their attempt to break the contract, Hym and Hur try to save the relationship of an earthbound couple, knowing they are truly meant for each other. A good deed that will bring Hym and Hur even more trouble.

First of all, I would like to thank Phillip Frey for sending me this book in return for an honest review. He is one of the nicest gentlemen and even sent me some pictures of my favorite owls which definitely brightened my day! Now on to the review...

The blurb really is the only history for this story that the reader is given. The relationship between Hym and Hur seems natural and easy - like a long term relationship should be - however, this book feels like the second in a series...and I missed the first.

I really enjoyed some aspects of this book. The concept of two beings who travel the world unseen and are (relatively) friendly with Death was unique. 

The fact that Hym and Hur enjoy pranking humans is also rather realistic. I mean, I would be playing pranks on humans too after spending hundreds of years running around the Earth with my honey! ;)

So, as Hur is searching for just the right person to prank, she bumps into Archie, a struggling artist with an unsupportive and fed up girlfriend, Sarah. After enjoying lunch with him and seeing how open and kind Archie is, Hur choses him as the prank-ee and bestows on him an interesting gift. 

His touch now can stop Death. 

Archie has NO IDEA he has been given this gift and that is what Hym and Hur find hilarious - how will Archie react when he figures it out? Or will he figure it out? But Death played a prank of his own...

Although I enjoyed the premise of Hym and Hur, there were a few key things missing. I didn't emotionally connect with any of the characters. The relationship problems between Archie and Sarah seemed contrived and honestly? Because of the lack of connect I didn't care much for either of them. Also, the war scene with Death was a little random and seemed misplaced.

Overall, I liked this short - I just wish that there was a lot more background and character building throughout.

Hym and Hur is an eBook - just $.99 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting premise and I love the title!

  2. Hello, dear Jenna, ;) I haven’t read any book from this genre yet, but I have a very open mind. And this book looks very 'catchy' in a sense. Thank you for sharing the honest review ;)

    By the way, I've tagged you with the Liebster Blog Award. You can find the post here:

    1. You're awesome! :) Yay for more questions! I'll link you back in my post too. :)