Thursday, August 30, 2012

ARC Review: Wards of Faerie (The Dark Legacy of Shannara)

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Author: Terry Brooks
Series: The Dark Legacy of Shannara
Publication Date: August 21, 2012
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BlurbWhen the world was young, and its name was Faerie, the power of magic ruled—and the Elfstones warded the race of Elves and their lands, keeping evil at bay. But when an Elven girl fell hopelessly in love with a Darkling boy of the Void, he carried away more than her heart.

Thousands of years later, tumultuous times are upon the world now known as the Four Lands. Users of magic are in conflict with proponents of science. Elves have distanced their society from the other races. The dwindling Druid order and its teachings are threatened with extinction. A sinister politician has used treachery and murder to rise as prime minister of the mighty Federation. more.

This is the first Terry Brooks novel I've ever read and maaaan was I in for an adventure! Although I really enjoyed the book, I believe having not read her other series did leave me missing some character connections and world building. However, I still connected with the characters, LOVED the world, and enjoyed every moment learning about the Wards of Faerie.
Our main character, Aphenglow Elessedil, is an elf who disgraced her family by joining the druid order, a powerful group of mages from all genetic backgrounds who pride themselves on maintaining a balanced relationship between all creatures in the Four Lands. An outcast in the home of the elves and with only her sister and great uncle to guide her, Aphen begins her tale uncovering a secret of the past, one that may lead her to a great lost power. 

This book was extremely well-written and developed. The characters were relatable and although there wasn't a lot of romantic relationship development between characters, but the tension and possibilities are set up for in the next books. 

This book was told from several characters perspectives - but that didn't begin for quite a while in the book. I was very used to hearing from Aphen, and although I appreciated the other perspectives and they were necessary for the development of the novel, I missed her voice. 

That being said, I did enjoy some of the secondary characters and the developments throughout the story, I guess I just felt as though not enough was uncovered. This was a book that I think can't be a stand NEED that second book to learn anything about the first and that's why it is missing a star. I think I would know more about the world and what is happening had I read Brooks' other books, however as the first book in the series, not much evolved from the initial problem. Some things yes - just not enough to make me satisfied. 

Although I don't read a lot of epic fantasy, I love a great one and Wards of Faerie is pretty darn great.


 Jenna Lynne

*This book was provided by Del Ray Publishing via NetGalley in return for an unbiased review*

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